The Truth about Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Are Dyson vacuum cleaners truly effective cleaning machines? What makes them different from all the other vacuum cleaners out there? For one thing, Dyson Ltd. is a trusted technology company when it comes to quality electronic appliances. More to the point, the company employs 3,100 people all over the world and sells a myriad of products that includes bladeless fans, heaters, hand dryers, and vacuum cleaners in over 50 countries.


Its Dyson vacuum line is of particular note because its founder, James Dyson, famously made 5,127 vacuum cleaner prototypes in a workshop behind his home before perfecting his design with the Dyson DC01 vacuum. Indeed, as many Dyson vacuum reviews would attest, Dyson vacuum cleaners are unique specimens because they feature certain capabilities that no other (or at least few other) vacuums possess.


What Makes Dyson Vacuum Cleaners Unique


For example, Dyson vacuums have a patented cyclone technology that spins the dirt out of the air instead of merely relying on filters and bags to trap dust. The typical Dyson vacuum cleaner benefits from this one-of-a-kind innovation by expelling cleaner air, picking up more dirt from your house, and having long-lasting suction power.


A multitude of Dyson reviews takes special care to mention the abovementioned benefit in their articles. Furthermore, Dyson vacuum cleaners come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. This allows the product line to suit your different cleaning requirements, no matter how big or small. For instance, there’s the Dyson Digital Slim, the Dyson Cordless Vacuum, the Dyson Ball Vacuum, the Dyson Handheld, the Dyson Canister Vacuum, and so forth.


In terms of benefits, you can for example use the Dyson Handheld Vacuum for interior vehicular cleaning or vacuuming hard-to-reach spaces you otherwise wouldn’t be able to accomplish with a regular-sized vacuum. What’s more, the Dyson Slim is one of the most powerful cordless vacuums out there that provides you the portability of a handheld and the cleaning power of a dependable Dyson vacuum that uses cyclone technology: The best of both worlds.


Know More About Dyson’s Vacuum Technology


Dyson vacuum cleaners are different from conventional ones because of their cyclonic separation technology. It works by throwing dust and other particles from the air stream. A conical container called the cyclone lets dirty air enter it. From there, the air will flow in a tight spiral. This centrifugal force will then remove the dust from the airflow onto the container’s wall, which will then descend into a bin.


Dyson vacuum cleaners utilize several cyclone stages to purify the air stream with their centrifugal forces that can each up to 100,000 G. The brand also features air multiplier technology, which is capable of circulating air without the need for blades (the same technology used to power Dyson’s bladeless fans).


Air multiplier technology works like this. First, air is sucked in by the base of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Afterwards, this air flow is multiplied 15 times (hence the name of the feature) using entrainment and induction as well as six times by the Dyson Hot, which provides a smooth stream of air that makes air filtration a relative breeze.


Other Benefits of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners


Did you know that Dyson Ball Vacuums are capable of turning on a dime, unlike other conventional vacuums that are hard and awkward to steer thanks to their fixed wheels? It’s one of the most maneuverable vacuums in existence. Its key components are located inside its ball, which gives it a low center of gravity and better stability when going around furniture and other obstacles.


The Dyson vacuum is also quite easy to repair because Dyson replacement parts are always available in all retail outlets selling the brand. To be more specific, Dyson vacuum repair is always a snap because Dyson vacuum parts aren’t hard to find plus the warranty of the product will most likely cover it.


What’s more, by availing of OEM (original equipment manufacturer) Dyson parts, you’re always assured of quality performance, as though the newly repaired Dyson were freshly bought off the store. Your Dyson vacuum cleaners can also benefit from the Dyson promotion code, which allows you to get discounts and other incentives.


What You Can Expect Out of Different Dyson Vacuum Cleaners


As mentioned earlier, there’s always a Dyson vacuum available to suit your needs. For instance, the multi-floor handheld vacuum offers robust vacuuming power while still remaining maneuverable, easy-to-recharge, and light.


Handhelds are perfect when it comes to completely cleaning rooms without dealing with the cumbersomeness of ordinary vacuums. The vast majority of Dyson vacuum cleaners also feature the aforesaid cyclonic separation technology; they only differ in scale. Some of them can also feature Dyson’s multiplier technology as well.


There are also Dyson vacuums that are large yet have the maneuverability comparable to that of a lightweight vacuum or the Dyson Digital Slim. This is all thanks to a patented Ball Technology that shifts the center of gravity to a lower, more balanced place.


The Pros and Cons of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners


That’s not to say the vacuum brand doesn’t have its own share of faults. For instance, a handheld Dyson vacuum has problems with battery life and has limits to how big of an area it could clean. In turn, the bigger Dyson vacuums are still more cumbersome than the portable or Slim vacuums despite the Ball Technology (i.e., you can’t use them in small, narrow places).


Basically, even though the smaller Dyson vacuum cleaners are still powerful vacuums in their own right, the smaller the vacuum, the less space can be cleaned, while the bigger the vacuum, the less maneuverable it’ll be. Even if you invest on a Dyson Ball Vacuum, it will still cost you extra in order to enjoy both maneuverability and large-scale, wide-area vacuuming.


On the other hand, Dyson vacuum cleaners are among the most innovative vacuums out there. They feature easy-to-empty canisters, the ability to expertly clean multiple types of floors, and maneuverability that few other conventional vacuums could match. Even though this brand line does have its problems… like storage for bigger Dyson vacuums… its pros still outweigh its cons by a large margin.